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Woodburners / Multi-Fuel Stoves

From freestanding traditional or contemporary styles to inset stoves, there are many styles of stoves to suit each individual’s home. We offer a wide range of multi fuel, wood burner only, gas or electric stoves.

Whether you have a chimney or not, most homes are able to have a stove fitted.

The majority of stoves available come as multi-fuel as standard.  This type of stove allows you to burn logs, smokeless fuels or briquettes. There is a riddling grate whereby ash is collected into an ash pan. Wood burner only stoves have a fixed grate with no ash pan. 

If you are looking for something more manageable but with the same aesthetical look, a gas stove would be the closest equivalent.  The design options are very similar to the solid fuel versions, with a choice of coal or logs as the fuel bed and manual control or remote control.

If you are unable to have a wood burner or gas stove then an electric equivalent can be just an enjoyable. They also come in a range of designs and the beauty of these is that the flame pattern works independently from the heat. 

Depending on the age of the property, flue liners are recommended with the stoves except for the electric versions.

If you are looking to install a wood burner or gas stove, we would recommend a site visit to ensure that would be no issues on the day of installation.

All multi fuel/wood burner stoves should be installed by a HETAS engineer so that it complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations.  This is then recorded in the HETAS Register database. You will then receive a HETAS Certificate of Compliance.  This certificate demonstrates that the installation complies with the relevant Building Regulations.  This certificate is required also when selling your home.  Failure to comply with the installation instructions or Building Regulations could invalidate your home insurance and appliance.  Failure to notify the Local Authority can be an offence resulting in enforcement action.

It is a legal requirement to have any Solid Fuel appliances fitted by a HETAS registered engineer.